You want to turn vacant plots into attractive returns? We lease suitable sites to operate state-of-the-art battery storage systems which relieve the energy grids and help to ensure that wind turbines and photovoltaic systems do not have to be switched off during periods of high production, but instead generate energy efficiently and sustainably.

sustainability that pays off: your return

In a partnership with Voltwise, you can generate attractive long-term returns with your agricultural, commercial or industrial land – and make an important contribution to the success of the energy transition and future-proof regional value creation in your community.


Attractive remuneration for areas where we install a battery storage system.


Stability and predictable income through a long-term partnership of 20 years or more.


The opportunity to help overcome the challenges of the energy transition – and to earn money from it.


A wide range of financial benefits for your municipality, specialist companies and the local labour force. The planned involvement of service providers and trade partners creates regional added value right from the ground-breaking ceremony. Become the growth driver of your home region!

If you want sustainability to be a source of income rather than a cost factor in the future, we should talk to you.